Lunar Pendant

I went to the local university’s Department of Astronomy recently, and had the chance to view various celestral objects through their large telescope.  I drew inspiration from the half-moon picture I took there to make this pendant.

Lunar Pendant

lunar pendent

Half-moonHalf Moon

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Le Printemps…


The warmer weather really lifts my spirits lately. 
Vibrant green meets my eyes whenever I look through the window. 
The chirping of birds, buzzing of bees and the rustling of leaves in gentle breeze 
serve as lively background music. 
All these remind me of the farmers’ market.  But the one nearest home won’t be open
till late April.  So I made these veggies over the weekend to quench my thirst for the sight of farm-fresh ones!

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Too ashamed to travel in broad daylight?

Last night as I stepped out of my building, I caught a large object dashing quickly across the alley at the corner of my eye.  Dimly lit by the light emancipating from the windows, was a pair of seedy eyes embedded in a huge furball.  Were it not for the ringed pattern on its bushy tail, I could never tell it was a racoon.

Somehow, the racoon sensed my bewilderment, and it paused to give me a demure glance before slipping into bushes that lied in the shadows.

As far as I could tell, the racoon was at least 2 feet tall standing on all fours.  And I have captured it here on my sketchbook.

Makes me wonder, since junk food is a major contributor to obesity, should it be banned from outdoor trashbins as well?

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Pocket-size Marine Life


Shimmering Starfish

Having spent my childhood by the sea, I sorely miss the sight of seashells-lined coasts, sound of the rhythmic waves, and rustles of stepping in the warm sand.   Not to mention the salty breeze!

So I drew these scenes to remind myself of the good old days…..

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